Mechanic Jobs in the UK and Australia

If you an experienced mechanic (or vehicle technician as some may know it) and are looking for a new job then you have come to the right place as this site is all about finding mechanic jobs in the UK and Australia. Why these two countries specifically you may wonder? Well have a quick read of our about us page and you will discover that the site was started by two individuals who share a common background: both have worked as mechanics both in the UK and Australia. To move quickly with a mechanic job in Australia contact Techs on the Move.

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Who are the types of individuals that might be reading this?

1. First type is someone that ‘knows the game’ so to speak and just wants to look for a change (like for like change). If you are from this group simply click on one of the links below:

Car Mechanic Jobs

HGV Mechanic Jobs

2. The second group is those individuals that are in ‘exploration stage’ i.e. they are looking at different career paths within the automotive industry. Maybe you work in a dealership and want a change of scene? If so read on as there is plenty of information below and on this site.

3. This is the final group that are looking to move overseas and specifically Australia – the good news here is that your skills are much in demand and we have some interesting job broker partners that can help you from the beginning to the end.

You Already Know What Mechanics Do, right?

Most job information sites have a section on exactly what is involved in that specific job function. However, as this site is predominantly targeted at more experienced mechanics / vehicle technicians with a few years experience we will not be going into those details here.

If however you are a newcomer to the industry wanting more information on what the job entails, visit the National Careers site. Or if you are interested in knowing a bit more about the Australian market, visit their government website.

Types of Organisations

The following is a quick list of organisations/venues you could find yourself as a car or HGV mechanic:

  1. Car Dealerships – popular and this is where you can forge a great career
  2. Truck Dealerships – for those that like to get their hands dirty with the big trucks
  3. Motorcycle Dealerships – servicing and repairing all types of motorcycles
  4. Body Repair – working at specialist garages that only do body work
  5. Independent Garages – unless someone starts off with an apprentice at a dealership, this is where most people learn their trade, the local independent garage.
  6. Fast-Fit Centre – working at local ‘quick fit’ centres and such
  7. Mobile Specialists – some people fancy being out on the road and this is for them.




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